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Caledon Jewish Cemetery

Usually one of the first things that a Jewish community does is to purchase a burial ground, but in Caledon the baths must have kept the congregation healthy as they only got a cemetery quite late at an unknown date. By 1947 it contained only seven graves, with the last Jewish funeral taking place in 1955.

Earlier, Jews were buried in the Holy Trinity Churchyard or the bodies were sent to Cape Town. In 1995, the vacant section was given to the municipality in return for a commitment to look after the graves. A precast wall was erected around the graves two years later, once it was realised that the municipality was not doing so.

By clicking each surname in the table below, you will bring up a photograph of the gravestone. The table can be sorted in different ways by clicking on different column headings.

Surname First Names Hebrew Name Date of Death Age Spouse
BROWER Aaron Aharon b Yehuda Leib 1954-11-19 Golda Brower
BROWER Golda Golda b Idel 1955-09-03 Aaron Brower
BROWER Samuel 1948-04-07 76
FRANK Israel Yisrael b Kalman 1937-06-07
GOLDBERG Abel Abba b Ephraim 57
KIRSCHNER Raphael Bernhard Raphael Dov Ber b Bene 1938-03-18 55
LEVIN Aaron 1953-09-18 62

Adapted with permission from the records of the SA Jewish Rootsbank at the Kaplan Centre, University of Cape Town. Photographs are from the eGGSA web site. Table assembled by Bramie Lenhoff.