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Laingsburg Jewish Cemetery

Photo: Professor Peter Gordon

Land for a Jewish cemetery in Laingsburg was acquired in 1903. It seems that 21 people were buried there from 1913, when Dora Helman died aged 57. Although it seldom rains in Laingsburg, the cemetery was damaged by flood waters in 1920 and had to be repaired. The last burial was in 1981, when 38-year-old Alfred Goodman drowned in his house in the catastrophic flood of January that year. The cemetery was also badly damaged in the 1981 flood. The Jewish Board of Deputies’ Country Communities Rabbi and the HOD repaired the graves. (See the Articles page for a description of the flood.)

As we see in the evocative photographs (one taken by Steve Albert and the other by Professor Peter Gordon and kindly sent by Natie Finkelstein from up the road in Beaufort West), the cemetery is perfectly walled and even the gate is intact and proudly displays a Magen David incorporated in the design.

Photo: Steve Albert

By clicking each surname in the table below, you will bring up a photograph of the gravestone. The table can be sorted in different ways by clicking on different column headings.

Surname First Names Hebrew Name Date of Death Age Spouse
ADAMSTEIN David David Moshe b Todres 1943-08-14 73
ADAMSTEIN Elias Elihu b David Moshe 1977-02-03 79
ADAMSTEIN Jane Sheina b Avraham 1924-02-16 44
ADAMSTEIN Solomon Shlomo b David Moshe 1969-11-02 63
BLUM Lina Leah b Yitzchak 1957-08-21 90
BLUM Shaie Yeshiyahu b Aliezer 1949-11-28 77
GOLIN Edith Chyene Ita Cheyna b Yehuda 1939-02-05
GOODMAN Alfred Avraham b Yitzchak 1981-01-25 38 Ruth Goodman
GOODMAN Philip Yitzchak b Ariyeh Leib 1973-11-02 66
HELMAN Dora Dvora b Chaim Tzvi 1913-02-05 57 Shimon Yehuda Helman
KAHN Elias Eliyahu b Yacov 1935-10-05 68
LEWIN Esther 1920-05-09 51 S Lewin
LEWIN Shabtai Shabtai b Moshe
MARGOLIS Morris Chaim Moshe b Yosef 1940-01-04 20
MARGOLUS Joseph Yosef b Moshe 1953-01-19
PHILIPS Beila Beila b Ariye Leib 1932-10-04
RACHMAN Solomon Shlomo b Eliezer 1940-04-18 11
SEGAL Maisel Moshe b Shimon Yacov 1957-07-29 82
SEGAL Rebecca Hena Rivka b Moshe 1969-09-27
TABACHNIK Elias Eliyahu b Yehuda Dov 1923-12-16
ZACKS Israel Woolf Yisrael Zeev b Moshe 1917-02-27 72

Adapted with permission from the records of the SA Jewish Rootsbank at the Kaplan Centre, University of Cape Town. Gravestone photographs provided by Steve Albert. Table assembled by Bramie Lenhoff.