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Ceres is located 140 kilometres to the north-east of Cape Town, in a fertile valley nestling between the picturesque Witzenberg and Skurweberg mountains, often snow-capped in winter. The climate is ideal for growing deciduous fruit, and the Jewish farmers who settled there from the late 19th century onwards played a major role in this enterprise as well as in the civic and commercial life of the town.

They pioneered scientific methods of sourcing, growing, processing and marketing apples, plums, peaches and other deciduous fruit in South Africa. They also founded transport companies to the diamond fields and to transport their produce.

The Jewish community reached its peak in the 1930s. Although numbers dwindled, it remained a vibrant community well into the second half of the century. By 1987, only two Jewish families were still in Ceres. Read about them and their activities in these pages.

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Jewish Life in the South African Country Communities, Volume II,
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