Meet the Jewish Community of


Ceres Museum

The Togryers Museum in Ceres has a special section in their building dedicated to memorialising the Jewish community. Bertdene Laubscher, the manager of the museum, says: 'The history of Ceres will not be complete without reference to the impact that the Jewish community had on especially the economic development of town. During the 1930 up to the 1950s, there were many Jewish store owners in town — not only Ceres but also in Wolseley and Tulbagh and Prince Alfred's Hamlet. It was time to add more information on the families that lived here and to bring tribute to those who impacted and made a difference in our area.'

The museum has the whole of the CHOL Ceres website imbedded into the museum website, which is a great honour. In addition, the museum has further information and photographs on the history of the Jewish community of Ceres, which we include hereunder.

Additional details regarding the Jewish section of the museum are included in this article.

To look at Jewish history on the Ceres Museum web site, scroll to the bottom of the pages.