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Malmesbury Jewish Cemetery

The cemetery was established in 1922. A local farmer, Piet van der Westhuizen, generously donated a piece of his farm, Rozenberg, for the cemetery. He left a servitude on a suitable piece of ground on his farm to the Jewish community, with the proviso that 'this land is always to remain for the Jews'. He also contributed to the cost of the Tahara house and to the wall around the cemetery. He was always a good friend to the Jews and contributed generously with livestock and money to Zionist funds. He was later presented with an illuminated address by the Jewish Community to thank him for his ongoing support, which he proudly hung in the entrance to his farmhouse. A smous, Joseph Chorn, was the first person to be buried there.

In 1994 the cemetery was restored and the Tahara house and graves were repaired. A rededication ceremony was held in the cemetery on September 8 1996, attended by descendants of Piet van der Westhuizen, who offered to maintain the cemetery, which was on their farm.

By clicking the surnames in the table below, you will bring up a photograph of the gravestone. The table can be sorted in different ways by clicking on different column headings.

Surname First names Date of death Age Hebrew name
BEINART Daniel 1954-08-11 42 Daniel b Yisrael Zeev
BEINART Gitel 1930-02-22 50 Gitel b Moshe
BEINART Israel Woolf 1946-02-04 72 Yisrael Zeev b Shmuel Yehuda
BEINART Koppel Alick 1954-05-31 Eliyahu Koppel b Shmuel Leib
BEINART Leah 1991-01-20
BEINART Philip (Dr) 1940-07-02 36 Shraga Fibush b Yisrael Zeev
BEINART Sarah 1937-08-03 Chaya Sara b Tzvi Elchana HaCohen
CHINN Dora 1980-09-28 Dvora b Aharon
CHINN Harry 1972-02-23 Tzvi b Yechezkel
CHINN Jacob Heshil 1959-08-25 69 Yacov Hessel
CHINN Sarah 1995-08-29 98 Sara b Avraham
CHORN baby 0
CHORN baby 0
CHORN Joseph 1924-08-16 17 Yosef Shlomo b Nachum
COHEN Abraham 1926-06-08 42 Avraham b Elchanan HaCohen
FRIEDMAN Jeynie Rachel 1956-08-30 Shaina Rachel b Shraga Benzion
FRIEDMAN Joseph Elijah 1966-01-05 Yosef Eliyahu b Avraham Yitzchak
GOLDMAN Max 1938-03-07 59 Pesach Menachem b Nisan
GREENSTEIN Chaie Miriam 1928-10-11 76 Chaya Miriam b Chaim
HORWITZ Herman 1936-08-18 54 Chaim Tzvi b Menachem
HURWITZ Gary Walter 1967-02-26 Gershon Uri b Peretz
KAHANOWITZ Joseph Louis 1928-10-21 49 Yosef Leib b Yacov David
KAPLAN Edith 1936-06-26 63 Ita b Yacov
KATZ Aaron Shoel 1940-11-09 64 Yisrael Ariye b Avraham Yehuda Leib
KATZ Annie 1950-10-26 73 Chana Sheina b Meir Shimon
KLITZMAN Elia 1944-08-01 67 Eliyahu b Dov
KLITZMAN Miriam 1954-12-12 72 Miriam b Eliezer
KRETZMAR Tobias 1928-11-16 61 Tuvia b Yehuda Leib
KROLL Nechame 1937-11-17 79 Nechama b Asher Leib
LEVIN Aaron Nissan 1932-04-23 87 Aharon Nisan b Menachem Mendel
LEVIN Chaia Lea 1932-04-23 84 Chaya Leah b Yehuda Menachem
LEVITT Deborah 1928-04-03 Dvora Rachel b Zundel
MAGID Isaac 1941-10-16 62 Yitzchak b Yehuda
MENN Abraham Bernard 1946-08-18 49 Avraham Dov b Yitzchak
MENN Kate 1928-10-19 Chasya b Avraham
MENN Louis 1943-07-06 48 Leiba b Yitzchak
MEYERS Mathias 1941-12-09 63 Matityahu b Mordechai HaLevi
MEYERS Ore 1940-04-14 56 Aharon b Mordechai HaLevi
MEYERS Rase 1949-01-18 65 Cherna Rasa b Yechezkel
MEYERS Seina 1981-04-19 Sheina b Moshe
PEIRES Lewis 1926-07-23 22 Yehuda Leib b Avraham Tzvi
RESNICK Julius 1925-11-18 6 Yehuda Avraham b Yisrael
RESNICK Louis 1927-01-06 72 Yehuda Leib b Benjamin
RESNICK Sheva 1926-10-06 68 Batsheva b Tzvi
ROER Carl 1958-07-31 62 Uri b Yosef
ROSENTHAL Lewis 1941-05-27 81 Leib b Natan
ROSENTHAL Pauline 1939-08-10 68 Pera b Daniel
SANK David Fivish 1934-10-30 David Fivish b Shmuel
SANK Hymie 1932-12-07 2 Chaim b Yitzchak
SHERMAN Elijah 1937-10-09 Eliyahu b Eliezer
STEIN Herman 1930-11-20 72 Tzvi Hirsh b Yisrael David
ZIVE Ellen Ruth 1939-09-18 52 Elka Rut b Avraham
ZIVE Labie Louis 1975-02-06 57 Ariye Leib b Shlomo
ZIVE Max 1966-02-19
ZIVE Michael 2000-11-26 33
ZIVE Ralph Allan 1994-11-16 51 Raphael Alon b Ariye Leib
ZIVE Solomon 1944-12-24 Shlomo b Dov Ber
ZIVE Stanley Leonard 1982-08-14 38 Yeshayahu b Ariye Leib
? baby 0

Adapted with permission from the records of the SA Jewish Rootsbank at the Kaplan Centre, University of Cape Town. Photographs with thanks to Steven Albert. Table assembled by Bramie Lenhoff.